Saturday, 14 May 2016

Workshop for Teachers in Croatian Meeting

During the Croatian meeting teachers attended the workshops about using the ICT and web tools, as well as eTwinning in classes. The final presentation in Mix with all the useful resources and links to the apps that teacher Tea mentioned is available here. Please take time to view it, answer the questions in the links, check out all the links and share it with everyone.

Friday, 13 May 2016

Lesson Plans by Our Teachers

For the final task in their workshops in Croatian meeting, teachers had to produce lesson plans and incorporate the things they have learned in Croatia - from ICT to interesting topics. We complied a short ebook of the lesson plans for you to use. Enjoy!

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

eTwinning workshop - teachers' slides

Impressions from Croatia


Its a pleasure to be here with our Erasmus mates sharing great moments. In this etwinning workshop we have learnt interesting etwinning tools that we can apply in our daily day teaching practice with our students.
Great moments


Numerina arrived in Croatia on Sunday after an long trip from France. He took the plane, the bus, the train and the car.


He met Strahoninec pupils and teachers on Monday.. He was so pleased and proud to be there!


We are enjoying our stay here a lot. We are impressed by good organization and your hospitality. We feel really welcome here. We are trying to learn new things from Tea so that we can use them in the future. Croatia is an amazing country with amazing people.
Joanna and Beata


These few days in Croatia have been very wonderful not only because of the warm welcome but also because of the interesting things we have already learnt.
Thanks to the Croatian team for the hard work and for making us feel at home…

Carla Ferreira
Dulce Pereira
Filomena Pereira
Madalena Pinho
Paulo Vasconcelos


We are happy to learn about technology and ICT tools, because our students already use them a lot, so it’s interesting to learn new things.

Northern Ireland

We arrived in Croatia on Sunday afternoon. After a long day’s travelling, we were delighted to get freshened up and ready to meet everyone.

We met lots of teachers from various countries throughout Europe. After a delicious meal at the Shamper restaurant, we all needed a good night’s rest.

On Monday we arrived at the local school and met with staff and pupils. We received a fabulous welcome from the principal and all the workshops were wonderful. We went sightseeing and had beautiful meals throughout our visit.

On Monday evening, we enjoyed some of the traditional dishes and drinks of alcohol and shared some of our culture with the other countries. We even had a wee ceili.

All of the participating countries brought food to share at an international dinner. We really enjoyed sampling food and drink from different countries.

Our first few days in Croatia have been warm, welcoming and enjoyable. We are looking forward to the rest of the trip.


We arrived in Cakovec on Sunday evening after a log car trip.
The landscape appeared immediatly wonderful and we passed these 3 days in perfect harmony with our partners.
the mobility was very well organized and the topic of the workshop was very interesting.
trainer Tea is great.
love from Italian team Monica Claudia and Cinzia